Infinite Grace

 I amstars 2Infinite Grace

land, water, sky, flame,
they flow endless to
the single consciousness,
their confluence makes whole,
my blood is thick and shiny as sap,
my feet rooted, reach down through the cool, rich soils.
i go on forever,
from all dimensions, spaces luxuriant in their ardor for breath,
from my head that becomes part of the universe,
my hair sparkles like the stars,
i go on forever,
my body a tube like hollow flower stem,
the winds, the voice of nature,
whips through me,
my spirit whistles with the rush of itself,
and the act of naturalness flows,
i go on forever,
even when i, my shell is no longer whole,
when my illuminated outline like an old manuscript that’s letters,
of brilliant color, detailed and filigreed have faded,
i will go on forever,
in the flowing air and smooth seas of time,
joined with  all in infinite grace,
i go on forever

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4 Responses to Infinite Grace

  1. iiartra says:

    atman is brahman.


  2. iiartra says:

    Gloriously expressed.


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