The Deep Serene- a poem inspired by a visit to the Mikveh

mikveh 1

                                                The Deep Serene

      Each step a journey,
      I feel
                       the past,
                                 the present,
                                               the future
                                                             face me.
      I am held by the ancestors.
      and I become tranquil like the feel of the granite stairs under my feet,
      and serene like the waiting water soon to surround me.
                     This place: a dynamic still heart.
      Words echo in the silent and accepting chamber
                       The water’s voice,
      Sweet pitched waves formed by my movements
      become the harmony to my prayers.
      Like the kissing waters of the rain offered and the earth contained,
      this private,singular ceremony is where the presence of all times converge
      It holds our souls,
      and our spirits become bound.
      I offer my prayers
      to join in time the ones already here and the new ones to come.

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