The Holiday of a Miracle



Miracles are from the edge of the stars

where the light begins to flow into the dark of sky,

They are the gift of now becoming,

the need answered before even aware,

the tears subdued before hope washes away.


It is the Holy of All,

who creates beyond what we can fathom,

who loves us deeper than what we can imagine,

who offers us what we do not even know we can contain.


A miracle is beyond what our hands can make

but we can call it forward for each other

we can give the faith we hold to the one who creates

as truth shines within our pleas.


So I will pray you a miracle.

Reach to the most hidden part of you,

the quiet voice of your soul

that will let me hear what you reach for.


I will make you an eruv

of grasses that hold the earth’s mysteries,

flowers that bloom wisdom of the universe

and streams that sing in exaltation the song

of the Great Mysterious that will keep you held in love.


We can face our spirits to the stars

and join light to light to swirl the deep heart of all.

But while we cannot create a miracle,

we can help each other hold them.

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