Seder 2015


Passover Seder 2015

Everything is in order.
The ancient sea looms in its depth
Its waves are steeped with memory

Everything is in order.
Heart-the plate to be filled with history
Words-the utensils used wise or ill
Intentions-the wine glass reflects visions

A goblet for Elijah is filled with our hopes.

Walk toward the water.
Let the past fall behind you like a robe that’s fibers dissolve in a sea drenched balm.
Walk across the sands.
Feel the blaze with each step as it burns away what is time to let go.
You cannot be free until you know your truth.
Call the true essence of your spirit forward.
Join with the heart path of the ancestors.
They walk from slavery of body.
We walk from the slavery of mind.
Fingers move like playing notes of freedom with each flick of the air.
There is no bondage but with what we surround ourselves.
We have the power to summon.
We have the courage to create.
We have the right to unencumbered breath.

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