Drinking Birds


                                                                    Drinking Birds

                                                        What would it be like to fly?
                                                       To have the fluid of flight careen down your throat
                                                        and lift you off the ground.
                                                        What would it be like to fly?
                                                        To spread arms of feathers
                                                        that shine with the sun
                                                        and take the moonlight
                                                        like a lotion of reflection.
                                                        But like the beat of a wing that pushes forward,
                                                        do we not, in our footed way,
                                                        soar like the birds when we unfurl ourselves
                                                        toward our gathered dreams?
                                                       Our paths are paved with our soul prints.
                                                       Our lives reflect off one another.
                                                       And if not a thing of flight, what is it when
                                                       two meet and have a dialogue of soul?
                                                       This is our nature’s flight.
                                                       It is like drinking birds.

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